G’BYE Campaign

Putting critical skills into action.

GO2 provided Comcast with tailored meeting-in-a-box kits, designed to provide opportunities for active learning. Teams retained 90% of what they learned by doing, rather than just 10-30% from reading or listening. Plus, our kits earned an internal innovation award for unique and effective new programs.


Content Strategy, Content Creation, UX Strategy, Employee Training Materials

Our Challenge

Comcast needed to communicate a new process for their sales agents — a process that had to be followed accurately in order to close each sale.

Our team understood that agents would face a number of challenges in following this sales summary process. They had to recall and deliver a great deal of information, some of which could come across as rather tedious for customers at a point when they’re often eager to end the call.

Our Solution

Our team created a number of print tactics to support awareness of Comcast’s new sales process, its steps and its importance. But we knew that in order to ensure retention of each step, we also needed to provide sales agents with opportunities for active learning at multiple touchpoints. So our team created four interconnected meetings-in-a-box, one for each step of the process.

To ensure successful sales, we needed to guide Comcast’s agents to practice and test their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Each meeting-in-a-box offered activities including discussion, trivia, and role play. Discussion prompts offered a chance to review specific concepts while also helping employees warm up to participating in a group.

Trivia questions challenged the sales agents to think on their feet and recall important details. And our role play activities simulated real-life situations, allowing participants to consider customer perspectives while practicing learned behaviors.

This series of meetings-in-a-box was designed to be used either separately or as a whole, allowing flexibility for all teams. And by providing clear, user-friendly guidance for meeting facilitators, we ensured that each learning session would be a success.

Additional Work

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