Day in the Life Internal Campaign

Guiding employees to embrace a new program.

To help Comcast achieve buy-in with a new internal program, GO2 developed a change management communication strategy and produced a series of employee events. More than 300 people attended from all over the country — over 90% of those invited — and event recap videos were viewed thousands of times by employees throughout the company.


Content Strategy, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Event Materials, Print Media, Internal Portals, On-location Shooting, Video Editing

Our Challenge

When the launch of a new program will affect job roles across all business segments, it’s crucial to address the needs and challenges of every employee.

So when Comcast prepared to implement a new customer experience measurement program, GO2 took on the challenge of building a multifaceted strategy.

Our Solution

To guide employees to understand and embrace Comcast’s new program, the GO2 team built a strategy based on the ADKAR change management model.

Following this model, our work would first generate awareness and foster the desire to support the change, then build the knowledge and ability necessary for success, and continuously reinforce skills and behaviors associated with the program.

By acknowledging and addressing every stage of the changes employees would experience, we could help teams understand and adhere to the new program.

Each stage would engage employees with a range of tactics, including an asset briefcase which allowed for easy access to program information and reference materials.

We also developed a video series featuring a number of Comcast employees in various job roles. These employees shared their own experiences with the program, giving teams a more personal understanding of the challenges and benefits they could expect, as well as valuable advice on how best to support related changes.

To get employees actively involved and excited for the program launch, we also produced events in three locations.

With these events, we literally rolled out the red carpet and made employees the stars of the launch, helping employees make a personal connection with the program and invest in its lasting success.

Additional Work

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